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7: Dave Lewitt & The Odd Time Drumming Book ▫️

David Lewitt is a percussionist and a drum educator. He is a staff accompanist for the Purchase College Conservatory of Dance and an adjunct faculty for the College’s School of the Arts. And an old and cherished friend. Odd time signatures, teaching, students, and some stories.

6: Decisions, decisions ▫️

What I think makes a good decision, making up some rules, and how contraints drive creativity.

5: EDC Part 1 ▫️

I discuss my everyday bag, and how I organize the inside, and how this ties into the theme of constraints and creativity. More everyday gear stuff soon.

I'm not recommending buying small pouches (of various sizes) from Amazon. There's lots of individuals out there making great stuff, and that's where mine come from. But I have no particular favorites, and this link will give you the idea.

4: The unreleased episode ▫️

Maybe I'll recut this one day. But for now I'm not releasing it.

3: Being perfect is unobtainium ▫️

There’s a difference between the useless “be perfect” and the journey to always improve. Reaching for perfection contains greatness. Being perfect is, atmo, unobtanium. Clips from Michael Brauer Grammy award winning mix engineer and Julian Lage a brilliant guitar player. We start to discuss how change can be hard.

Audio segments from the below sources.

2: About CnC, The end of the iPods, and the pod wars ▫️

I talk about CnC's direction, though I expect it to develop quite a bit. Apple has stopped making iPods and I recall the Pod Wars as mentioned in Steve Levy's book, The Perfect Thing: How the iPod Shuffles Commerce, Culture, and Coolness. Lastly, I reminice about what some of my first experiences were like with the first iPod and what's changed, at least a little, since moving music listening to phones.

1: The Big Story ▫️

Chris' process, affects of the pandemic, and writing the big story.

Christine Orchanian Adler is a writer and editor whose poetry has appeared in Coal: A Poetry Anthology, Inkwell, Penumbra, Tipton Poetry Journal, and online at Bird and Moon, Damselfly Press, The Furnace Review, Literary Mama and elsewhere. Her chapbook, Undressing the Heart (Finishing Line Press, 2021), won an honorable mention in the Palettes & Quills 3rd Biennial Chapbook Contest. She served as a judge in the Greenburgh Arts & Culture Committee’s 35th Poetry Contest; The Harvey School’s annual Michael Lopes Poetry Recitation Contest, and as Editor and Managing Editor of Inkwell.

Chris' chapbook on Amazon: Undressing The Heart

Loosely following a linear timeline from childhood to old age, Adler's story-like poems highlight the emotional core that lives within life's ordinary moments. Illustrating the delicate yet complex nuances of human relationships, Adler imbues with equal intensity her portrayals of both gut-punch and near-miss life events. Serving as backdrop and salve for the emotions the poems elicit, nature and food play soothing and colorful parts in this collection. Undressing the Heart is a book for anyone who's ever experienced love, pain, and hope.

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